How Much Do Nursing Instructors Make: What You Need To Know According To Experts

how to become nursing instructor

BOCES nursing instruction 5 in New York state out of 72 licensed practical nurse programs by . The organization developed its rankings based on exam passing rates in recent years. This news came as no surprise to Cathy Tomerlin, coordinator of health occupations at CA BOCES. “We have always had high state board pass rates — higher than state averages,” Tomerlin says. “We are very proud of that and have worked hard to get there.” She touts the faculty and curriculum in pointing to the program’s success. “We have dedicated faculty and clinical instructors,” she says. “They are phenomenal. Students have to complete 520 hours of clinical experience upon program completion, in addition to the classroom work. It’s a challenging two years.” Karen Swanson, a second-year student in the LPN program, can vouch for Tomerlin’s comments. “The courses are broken up into an introduction, pathophysiology of the diagnosis and the nursing care,” Swanson says.

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